I like Destiny and I like numbers, analyzing data and making some nice visualizations. Few weeks ago I learned about the Bungie API used to get access to your own character(s) statistics. Destiny Item Manager and Destiny Tracker are excellent examples of how to use this API.

There is 2 levels to max in Destiny : character level (LVL) and Light level (LIGHT). LVL increases by doing activities (story missions, strikes, patrols) whereas LIGHT is an aggregate of the light levels of all you weapons/gears.

in this picture : LVL = 40 (max out) ; LIGHT = 300 (top right) ; individual light level (boots) = 290


I think Bungie nailed the feeling of progression, at least before going for the Light Level cap. Seeing weapons getting better, gears getting more details is very satisfactory.

Ultimately a good progression level should entertain the player in order to keep him playing the game. Other examples are Diablo 3 where the character level cap (70) is relatively fast and The Division.

You will need to log to your account in order to get an api-key. The DEV forum, as well as the Wikia have also some quick how-to and Getting Started. In short, you need 4 numbers :


  • the api-key
  • the platform you’re playing : 1 =xbox ; 2 = psn
  • the memberShipId (identical for each of your 3 characters)
  • characterId (unique for each of your 3 characters)

You can see the last 3 numbers in the URL above (my current test character). An example of the type of informations you can access is below.


Unfortunately the full historic is not available so what I did is to delete one of my character (I know, it’s a bit stupid 3 weeks before ROI), restarted a new character, and get this information while I’m playing. My script is run every minute (cronjob) and save the data into a .cvs file.


Quick results after 2 weeks of playing

Some details :

  • I use only weapons/gears found with this character (not allow to re-use others legendaries/exotics because it will have bias the progression)
  • it will not represent of course the progression as we experienced it in Year 1
  • same for material, mote of lights.
hunter : summary plots


  • far left : LVL vs. LIGHT (color code is time played) : basically I needed 1200 minutes to reach LVL cap (40) whereas my LIGHT level is still increasing (current is 300). The correlation is fairly linear (the early levels the relation is ~ polynomial 2 degree)
  • middle left : LIGHT vs. time played (color code is the day I played) ; relatively linear but it starts to slow a little bit now ( = light grinding) ; the dashed line is a polynomial degree 2 fit
  • middle right : LVL vs time played ; dashed line is also a polynomial degree 2 fit (I should have specified the range)
  • far right : LIGHT vs time played in session (I defined a session each time I played the game) . We see that the slope starts to decrease once I reached 250, meaning it will get harder (longer) to reach LIGHT cap (335). We also see some large peak at the end of each session ; the reason being that I decrypt engrams at the end of the session and then equip my character with these new weapons/gears


Summary / next steps

Overall I’m quite happy with these plots and I learned few things in this project. I will delete this character and restart a new one (likely in the new few days) since I finally discover how to get other useful informations, like the type of activity, location (see below)



I tested some updates to the script and it looks pretty nice.

Type of activities vs their location (and Planet)


LIGHT vs Time played, color code is the location of activity

So far the modifications I did to get the activity details (type, location, planet) seem to work. I also did other modifications to get all the reputations (vanguard, crucible, factions, Crota’s Bane, Gunsmith, Cryptarch, House of Judgement, Queen;s wrath). That means more features(variables) to analyze these data. Right in time for my new character.