1) The Bash โ€”> The Clash ? (in the Suburbs)

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2) No mirror reflection in the mirror for Joel ?

I just hope ( please don't spoil) that it will not be something like " well in fact, nothing really happened, nobody really existed, it was Ellie's dream

3) Charles Florian is a real person


I have googled the name and found some linkedIn profiles. It is not a surprise (I'm sure I can find someone with the same name and first name as mine) but in echo of recent events (Artist's redesign's map of Boston subway and Ellen's page face ripped off by Naughty Dog), I found this interesting.

Anyway ... as said yesterday, I loved all these stuffs. It may explain why it takes me so long to finish a game but with a game that huge and detailed, it's really enjoyable.


My body is ready for GTA5 (if it is that huge as they promised)