thanks you Amazon ... You cannot imagine how long I search for Orion (in japanese). I had it before I moved to the U.S. but I couldn't take it at that time.

I also found a version of Appleseed (#1) that I didn't know ; if you compare the size of the manga with Orion, it really looks like a booklet (even smaller than the Jump Comics size).


And also what it looks like a first version of Dominion Tank Police ( ~ from ~1985-1986). I definitely like this period of Shirow's work, compared to the porn-stuff he's doing right now ( and which is sad because he does not seem to be back to the mecha/cyberpunk story)

Orion is very good and very funny, it's like a mix btw magic and futurist universe


The last picture is the other mangas of Shirow I already had.


from left to right, top to bottom :

1)Dominion Tank Police : Conflict one (~1995)

2)Appleseed : tome #1,#2 (recent - CG- cover)

3)Black Magic M66: story board

4)Appleseed data book

5) ,6) Ghost in the Shell and Man Machine Interface (ghost #2)

Well .. I 'm happy :-)