quick monitoring of some Twitch channels during the Sony conference (2016-09-07) using Twitch api


  • number of viewers in a given stream
  • number of channels in that stream
  • ranking : position in the Twitch.tv top stream
  • games : League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Destiny, Gaming Talk Shows


  • choice is purely arbitrary (I choose some of the top 10, and Destiny because yeh!)
  • There wasn’t a Playstation stream, it was included in the Gaming Talk Shows ; I realized it too late that’s why I’m missing the beginning of the conference



Viewers vs time


Rank vs time

Viewers vs Time : color code is the number of channels (Playstation only)


Viewers vs Time : color code is ranking in the Twitch directory (Playstation only)


  • at the top, the # of viewers was ~330k and it ranks #1
  • The number of viewers falls super fast at the end of the conference (3:44pm)
  • small bump before 3:30pm (Horizon zero Dawn footage)